All our pieces are made with high quality liquid porcelain baked at 1260ºC.

They are resistant and can be used daily, incorporated to your routine, bringing color, lightness and beauty to you house and your practices.

The care should be the same as with industrial porcelain or glass: watch out for impacts and falls.

As they are manufactured with high quality raw material, pigmented in its own dough and baked ate high temperatures, our pieces do not show problems such as chipping and peeling.

The pieces may be put in a dishwasher. We do not recommend the use in oven or microwave to avoid thermal shock.

The pieces are suitable to be used with food, and the vases are proper to use with water, being perfectly waterproofed with internal enameling.

The pieces are enameled only internally maintaining at the outside the feel and color particular to our liquid porcelain. All pieces can be washed with water, sponge and soap or detergent. If use related stains should appear, the piece may be renovated by diving it in a solution of water and chlorine and left to rest for 30 minutes. After that, it should be washed ordinarily.